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Are you a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician? Or are you enrolled in a licensing program with at least 200hrs in the books? Then you are eligible to take our online sugaring courses! 

How does it work??? We run you through the step by step process of sugaring ONLINE! Everything from how to pull sugar out of a jar, to how to sugar from the brows to the toes. After you make it through the program, watch all the extra tutoring sessions, you will send videos or plan a live facetime with our education team, online exam and then, the certification to celebrate you becoming a sugarist!!! 

Start Sugaring Today!

Let's get Sugaring!! Check out the programs below. Our online course includes the Essentials Program AND the Tutoring Sessions! Your clients will love you for it!

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What does our program come with??? Class product kit to practice with, dedicated sugaring educator to help you throughout the process, a team of Ke Kō members to connect with, all our education material readily at your fingertips. Not to mention all the extra updates we'll offer, free of charge!


We run this program as if you were taking the class in our own studios. Only exception for you is that you can break up the lessons into groups and go at your own pace. We all lead busy lives and understand the need to time manage even the things we want to do fast and furiously. With that said... here's some things you can expect from the program!

  • Close contact with a live Sugaring Ohana Educator and continuous customer support.

  • Thorough education from the basic steps, to online tutoring sessions. All videos we record past, present and future will be at your fingertips!

  • Welcomed to an amazing ohana full of sugarists worldwide, offering support, guidance and an incredible networking experience.

Preparing for the program

Once you officially sign up for the program we will send you a detailed welcome package including your kit! What to prepare for though before you decide? Well that's easy!

  • Be ready to take the lead in the best hair removal our industry has to offer!

  • Have a solid plan and time scheduled for your location of training and practice sessions. (We have sample schedules we will send you as well)

  • Round up some friends, classmates and those brave significant others for some practice time!

  • SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS!!! It's go time!