Essentials Sugaring Course Curriculum

Step by step to master each body part. The online course includes these basic sugaring sections, followed with our online tutoring sessions free of charge.

  • 1

    Welcome to our Ohana

    • Aloha

    • Ke Kō Beginnings

    • Sugaring History & Benefits

    • Sugaring, History & Benefits

  • 2

    Anatomy & Physiology

    • Simple Anatomy & Physiology

    • Anatomy & Physiology

  • 3

    Getting Started

    • Prepping your supplies

    • Supply List

    • Client Preparation

    • Client Advice

    • Safety for you & your Client

    • Skin Irritations & Treatments

  • 4

    Let's Sugar

    • Natural Ke Kō Backbar Overview

    • Product Overview

    • Fun with the Ke Kō Ohana

    • What you're about to expect

    • Application Lesson

    • Let's Sugar

  • 5

    Facial Sugaring

    • Basic Brow Clean Up Sugar

    • • brow quick notes

    • Basic Lip Sugar

    • • lip quick notes

    • Basic Sides of Face Sugaring

    • • sides of face quick notes

  • 6

    Upper Body Sugaring


    • • neck quick notes


    • • chest quick notes


    • • arm sugaring


    • • under arm quick notes


    • • back quick notes


    • • stomach quick notes

  • 7

    Lower Body Sugaring


    • • bikini sugaring


    • • leg quick notes


    • • buttocks quick notes

  • 8


    • Congratulations on your Sugarist Transformation!!

Included in this course

Thank you for your interest in the Essentials Online program. Sugaring from Brows to your Toes! Step by Step which means, from the easiest techniques to the hardest. (Including Brazilians)

  • Basic Product Kit and you can add a Sugar Warmer for 10% OFF! (use code classicwarmer10 if adding warmer at checkout)

  • Schedule office hours and gain one on one support

  • Join our Sugarist group to discuss any questions or concerns while learning and building your sugaring career

  • Tutoring Sessions are including upon completion of assignments

  • Final exam included upon completion of Essentials Program

Learn to Sugar with Ke Kō

What to expect before you sign up?

Once signed up and logged in, you can expect to watch the program fully before you begin. Once you receive the kit we encourage you to start with the basics and create what we call "muscle memory and control" of the sugar paste. Don't expect to be sugaring brazilians on day one. You will have to submit your assignments before you can access advanced sugaring techniques. We want to make sure you're not forming bad habits of course. The ESSENTIALS Program starts you from the ground up and once completed you will have full access to our TUTORING SESSIONS which included advanced sugaring techniques and brazilians. In our TUTORING SESSIONS we also include many sugaring videos from numerous sugarists in on place for you to observe. You can also email us at anytime to setup OFFICE HOURS with a Ke Kō Educator. Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to seeing you in class!