Tutoring Session Curriculum

Extra guidance and step by step instructions with tips, tricks & troubleshooting. Available to all Sugaristas past, present and future. (If you're already enrolled in the Essentials Online Program, contact us for the code. This course is intended as an add-on currently for all Online and Advanced 1 & 2 day courses.)

  • 1

    Welcome back!

    • First Day Sugaristas!!

  • 2

    Facial Sugaring

    • Full Brow Shaping with Spatula

    • Full Face

  • 3

    Upper Body Sugaring

    • Back

    • Arm Sugaring Patterns and Tips!

  • 4

    Lower Body Sugaring

    • Brazilian Patterns

    • Brazilian Techniques

    • Brazilian Basics

    • NEW Manzilian Basics